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Our Smart Multi-channel Meter is a new-concept meter that measures the branch circuits of and electricity flowing into the distribution boards responsible for supplying power to shopping malls, buildings, factories, and ID centers.
You can save electricity when you can actually see the data.

Electronic devices consume a large amount of electricity even now. With the energy optimization feature of our accurate energy management system, you can save electricity by up to 45%.

It measures power consumption by facility (branch circuit).

The solution enables users to conduct a comparative analysis on the power consumption patterns of the facilities by group (facility, zone, and purpose of use) or time unit (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly). By analyzing the power consumption patterns, users can reduce power consumption by preventing faults and determining the timing for replacing outdated facilities.

Key Features


It helps establish proper preventive measures or post-management measures by suggesting accurate analytical judgment criteria on power consumption and quality to the supervisor.

Product Portfolio
We have been developing and producing a variety of multi-channel meters since 2008. We offer a wide range of options for each industry and customer.

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