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Our Online Safety Diagnosis for Electrical Rooms is the industry's first online safety diagnosis service that analyzes and checks key electrical room facilities in real-time based on the IoT cloud platform.

Diagnosis of transformer conditions, applied with an AI learning model called electric signal analysis, is a new technology of diagnosing abnormal signs in advance by analyzing big data obtained in real-time. Generally, safety management in electrical rooms is conducted through a regular in-person inspection by a safety manager. The problem here is that there is a risk of an accident when inspections are not taken.

To address this issue, a real-time measurement/diagnosis device should be installed and real-time monitoring should be conducted to detect abnormal signs in advance. Electrical accidents are increasing in line with the growing number of outdated transformers, raising social attention. As one of the solutions for this problem, we present our innovative service called Online Safety Diagnosis for Electrical Rooms. You can prevent accidents by conducting both online and offline diagnoses.

Key Features


Higher satisfaction of managers

Able to conduct systematic maintenance since the manager can manage the transformer anywhere and at any time and easily respond to electrical accidents

Utilization of accumulated big data

Utilizes accumulated big data to establish a comprehensive safety management system that enables to predict signs of danger or to respond to accidents or disasters swiftly


Helps reduce electric bills by analyzing and improving facility efficiency in real-time through systematic transformer management

Prevention of electrical accidents

Protects lives and assets from electrical accidents by detecting abnormal signs of transformers in real-time and responding to emergencies swiftly

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